Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A nothing shot, but not for me :)


Dear Marcella,

This is a really useless photo, so much noise, composition is as boring as listening to a politician’s speech, nothing to attract one’s attention, no smiles, no faces, just a back of your head, the colour pallet is mundane, it has neither passive nor aggressive energy, no perspective, no lines, no symmetry, the subject is meaningless and there was no story to tell… you were just going for your evening bath.

This is certainly another one of my favourite, and it could only be mine alone. The photo brings back more than just a snap shot of time that the rest see. I can hear your laugh and screech, relive every waddle steps you took from the living room to the bathroom (keeping my fingers crossed hoping that you won’t fall over), remembered vividly every detail on your face each time you looked back at me, just to check that I was still there, and how you loved having a tiny soft towel around your neck. The crescendo was a huge smile as you jumped (more like dropped) into your bath… :) almost a perfect photo then :) haa haa haa.

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