Sunday, December 30, 2012

Arriving soon :)

Photo bookCan’t believe it has been over 2 years since the first (and only) photobook.

There were several reasons why I had left it for so long, the first book was done out of curiosity, so it took no effort at all in choosing the photos, but when it was time to do a proper thought out book, it was a slog going through all of the photos (not professional enough to have the time to go through all the photos during each import and ranked them).

Then there was the cost, this time I have decided to look for an alternative to Blurb, to be more precise a ‘local’ alternative.

Surprisingly there were several options available locally (in BKK), and even more surprisingly the pricing (in general) were at the same level as from Blurb. I was expecting it to be less, but to be fair, I am not comparing apple to apple here, all I did was to compare my previous book from Blurb and the spec of the products offered from other service providers.

In the end, I had decided to stick with Blurb, the only down side I can see is the waiting time (cheapest option), but I can live with that. Moreover, I remembered really enjoying using their Smartbook program to put the book together. However since the first book my workflow now include Lightroom, and one of the module is their ‘Book’ module, the best way to put it is, ‘powered by Blurb’.

After reading up on the basics, I just jumped right in and it couldn’t have been simpler, the theme of the book was ‘the family in 2012’ (not the most focused of a topic :), it was a simple matter of creating a collection, then quickly go through all the photos in the library (pressing B sends the chosen photo to the ‘target’ collection), the final hurdle was to go to the book module then just slot the photos from the collection into the template.

It handled RAW file like me eating cakes :) and I loved the ability to go directly from the ‘book’ module to the ‘develop’ module then back to the ‘book’ module again. Anyway, they couldn’t have made it easier for one to part with one’s money :)

After I have finished putting the book together, I’d exported it as PDF (sent to phone and tablet), and after that with just a single click I was logging myself into Blurb (straight from LR4), and after a few more clicks the photobook was on production and ‘Ka-Ching’ for them, haa haa haa.

Perhaps next time I can come up with a proper topic rather than this buffet of drag and slot, haa haa haa.

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