Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Touting Thailand Today [14.11.12]

20121114.105035_the_nation_obama_wen_jia_baoHave we discovered oil in Thailand?

So the President of the United States, the freshly re-elected Mr. Obama is coming to Thailand on the 18th - 19th of this month, and China’s Premier Wen Jiabao will virtually be treading on Mr. Obama’s shadow as he arrives on 20th - 21th. First thought in my mind was “Have we discovered oil in Thailand?”, even if we did, with our government’s track records of managing things (prime examples being Suvarnabhumi airport, 3G concession, Bangkok Futsal Arena), it will be another century before black gold get to come out from the ground and just as quick disappeared into someone’s back pocket.


Thai parliamentThe plot thickens...

The forever long running Soap Opera, with its glorious cast, starring our Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra (in exile), his sister (Ms. Yingluck, our current Prime Minister ), their ‘Red Shirt’ army, the opposition party (led by The Democratic Party), Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, his gang  of Yellow Shirts (although he would say they are not his gang) and others world class actors (oh, just kidding, they are not really actors but serious politicians who only have the well being of the people in their heart).

Anyway, the Soap Opera is still raging, the government is now trying to remove Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva from the army (taking away his rank) just when he was going to lead an attack at the incumbent government, through the ever entertaining ‘Motion of No Confidence’ (a vote of censure). So now the anti-Government group will now gather (somewhere), probably close to the Parliament.

But the plot thickens, Ms. Yingluck have just had tea with the Queen of England, and after that she will be off somewhere else, then somewhere else and then somewhere else, so by “accident” she may not be there at the ‘Motion of No Confidence’ altogether, that have just added about a ton of formula one grade petrol to the raging fire... this should be interesting.


Rang NgawThe real Soap Opera

Who cares about the real world Soap Opera, right now I would say about half of our population are glued to the TV of the ‘Rang Ngaw’ short soap opera. It seems to be everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even in Pinterest... it’s in the news, it’s on every talk show, well just about the only place it isn’t on is on my TV... :)

Here is the jist of it, there are these twin sisters, one is a good girl and the other not. The good girl twin sister became a mistress to some arse of a businessman with an insanely jealous wife, somehow the jealous wife got someone to kill the good girl twin sister... then the naughty twin sister stepped in and took over her sister’s identity... with nothing but revenge on her mind... Naaahhhh, the ‘Motion of No Confidence’ will be much more entertaining :)

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