Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First meal, My Marcella :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

One day before your brother turned four, you had your first solid meal, ‘Banana Scrapes’. Basically it is the upper layer of banana, where it’s soft and delicious.

You are wondering how you did? Well, like duck to water :) Of course your mother has a patience of a saint so that really helped, this moment you are now spitting (lol) vegetables puree. Your mother is inventing special menu each day, blending it to the hilt and stores it in the freezer, so the frozen milk bags are now sharing space with gajubillions of these cups :)

Your mother is now working hard to provide enough milk for you, but you seem to be drinking more and more each day, and at the same time your mother is getting busier and busier, with your swimming class and soon Gymboree. So she is now back on a special diet, trying to have more milk for you, which means my mother is now spending more time in the kitchen, this is definitely a team effort :) (are you asking me what I do to help? Washing up :) )

With Saturday being very busy now a day, all your fun classes will be during the week, which means there is less chance of me joining you, and I am regretting that very much. I promise to take a day off, so that I could join you and your mother :) Knowing you, you’ll enjoy these classes so much, just like Matt did :) I wish I have more time with you.

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