Monday, January 14, 2019

Something fun for the afternoon :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[14.01.2019] I had this idea of taking a bat and ball to the park for the longest time, but for some unknown (lazy on my part) reason we never got round to it, that was until this past Saturday. Of course the day was already pretty full with Ice skating, board games, music and art (haa haa haa), but we made an effort to pack a few things, badminton kit, soft ball kit, footy and so on together, just in case we had time at the end of the day.


That was exactly where we found ourselves, it was probably running close to 17:40 by the time we’d reached the park, the sun was already retiring from a hard day’s work, so the weather was somewhat cooler. We knew the park well enough to know this small plot where no one ever visit, and that was where we’d set up for the late afternoon.


We’d created an ad hoc softball game, the trees were just right and consistence enough to be the 4 bases, the rule was simple, hit the ball as hard as you can, run around the 3 trees and touch the home tree to get one point, however if you were touched by the ball before collecting the 4 bases you were out. Of course in trying to avoid to be caught up and touched by the ball, you two ended up running as far as India, lol.

It turned out to be more fun than any of us had expected (in fact it was so fun we came back on the Sunday too, haa haa haa), now I wonder where I can find a cricket bat in Bangkok? Haa haa haa.


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