Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New fav shot :-)

1546078850742-01Dear Matt and Mar,

This is now your mother’s favourite Wefie shot, that is if Matt doesn’t try to prank us all with his ‘sticker’ trick, haa haa haa.

It is also my fav way of taking our group photo, I just like the composition, but the most fun, was always the setting up part.

Everyone would be shouting instructions at Matt, all at the same time (move this way, move that way, come back, noooo move forward, please tilt left… nooo that is too much, haa haa haa), unfortunately the three set of instructions (from your Mother, Mar and Me) were never the same… haa haa haa.

I think most of them (wefies) so far, the only person in focus had always been Matt, haa haa ha.

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