Sunday, January 6, 2019

D4 Pattaya, Unexpected finds :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

From Uncle Chat’s suggestion, we’d decided to visit Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Center, that sounds promising to me, over the standard zoo (putting animals in prison), as this was not really well known Uncle mentioned that the place could looked like it was closed... and oh man he was right.

We woke up early, you two had breakfast, we then packed and said goodbye to the residence... We got to the BWBC around nine-ish, only to discovered a closed gate. Not wanting to waste the morning, we searched frantically for somewhere and found ‘Phra Maha Mondop Phutthabat’ (this site was allow the use of King Rama 9 and Queen Sirikit signature), we were not disappointed, it was superb.



Spent well over an hour here, the highlight was once we’d reached the top, you two found a road around the back, so we could have driven up after all, but what would be the fun in that, haa haa haa. Unfortunately photography inside the top room (the most important part) was not permitted :-)



After the morning exercise, I’d decided to give BWBC another go, and to my surprise (well not really), the gate that closed this morning was not actually the main gate... haa haa haa, the main gate was literally 5 metres away, haa haa haa.

We’d drive gingerly through the empty main gate, suddenly a lady jumped out and asked why we were there (remembering instruction from Uncle Chat) we said we were here to see the animals, she then told us to come back in a hour because it was lunch time... and it was... haa haa haa.

We found a quick eatery by the side of the road, and made it back at 13:00 sharp, haa haa haa. BWBC was somewhat underwhelming, once through the second gate we found two large deep pits sitting side by side, each pit held 2 bears each (I am assuming that these were the breeding pen), then behind us was a very large electric fenced area with overgrown trees and grass, apparently this was where the bears would come before being released into the wild.


Further in were several small cages filled with individual bear, each cage has detailed information of each bear (name, sex, age and etc.), but it looked very uncomfortable and we were hoping they won’t be there for long. Literally less than half an hour later we were out, but where to next?

When we were driving back and forth between Phra Maha Mondop Phutthabat and the Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Center, we saw this huge lake next to a Chinese Temple, that could only mean the mandatory fish feeding, and we were not disappointed… it was super fun, and ended up buying a couple of rounds of fish food… the bucket was huge :-)


Then it was time to come home… never mind in only a few days after this all 7 of us would be driving up North for the long awaited trip to Pitsanuloke and Sukhothai :-) during the New Year break. Oh, before we go, when we got home it was time to open your Crimbo’s presents, as we were away on the 25th :-)

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