Sunday, January 13, 2019

D3 Sukhothai, The Inbound :-)

001Dear Matt and Mar,

This is really my highlight of the trip, haa haa haa, no, not because we were driving back to BKK, but a stop over in Phichit Province. Your grandfather have been giving me amulets to wear since I was very young, and now I have quite a collection around my neck, haa haa haa.

Whenever I travel around the country I would try to visit the temple that each of the amulet originated from, and I have 2 I have yet to visit, Wat Bangkhlan (Pichit) would be one of them :-)

I thought the detour would have meant at least a seven or eight hour drive back to BKK, but by pure chance the temple was not in the main district of Pichit, but very close to the road leading back to BKK, meaning the detour was not much of a detour, just another half and hour drive out of our way, and I couldn’t wait.

The rush of holiday makers were decidedly missing from the roads, haa haa haa, we were pretty much driving on empty roads and got to Wat Bangkhlan in just an hour and a half. The visit was also important to your grandfather, as this was also his first visit :-)

We were there for about an hour, then we were on the road again, in total with the stop over, it took us just a little over six hours by the time we dropped off your great aunt at her home. We stopped over at my parents place for about ten minutes, just for them to drop off their stuff before we all headed out for a late lunch.

I believe we ended up home around three/four-ish, and I was ready just to crash and sleep... haa haa haa. Wow, what I thought was going to be a chore for three days, turned out to be a really fantastic time with the family, now we are planning to do similar thing in Nan Province :-)

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