Saturday, January 12, 2019

D1 Sukhothai, The Drive Up :-)

20181230_055158-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[11.01.2019] First thing first, I was dreading this day, it even went a little pear shaped a few weeks back when I was booking the hotel... somehow I’d thought your grandmother only wanted to stay for one night... haa haa haa, and found out literally only a few weeks before the trip that she wanted to stay for 2 nights... I could not call the hotel fast enough... haa haa haa.

Of course the news wasn’t good, apparently it was all full and we could not extend our stay, and the staff had kindly suggested an alternative hotel. It was not the scenario I wanted to be in, moving hotel is just a pain in the arse. I was a little stubborn and so after having spoken to the hotel staff, I went back on line, and to my surprise on online rooms were available, in a blink of an eye additional night was rushly reserved, haa haa haa.

Your grandmother was so afraid that we would be stuck in the holiday rush traffic, that 2 nights before we travel she called me to try to cancel the trip, haa haa haa, of course we couldn’t. I didn’t quite know why she was worried, as she had planned to drive up on the 30th so to avoid the holiday rush.

On our way to Pitsanuloke

As it turned out, the drive up could not have been more pleasant, in fact it was superb lol. The plan was to arrive at your grandparents’ place around 05:45, and set off around 06:00, but it was 06:30 by the time all wheels were turning towards Pitsanuloke.

The plan was to drive straight to Pitsanuloke, visit the temples and then lunch before driving to our hotel in Sukhothai. I was expecting to reach Pitsanuloke around noon, but in the end we arrived more than an hour earlier.


Although your grandfather have visited Phra Puttha Chinnaraj before, but he had never visited another temple next door, Phra Nang Phraya, and he was so looking forward to this so much. This being the New Year, the temples were kind of full but not overwhelming, your grandparents and grand aunt totally enjoyed this visit.



Luckily your mother didn’t have to find a restaurant for lunch, my uncle had already provided name and number, and the instruction was very clear... “give them a call as soon as you arrive’, look I don’t mention too much of my uncle, great guy, a bit posh though... haa haa haa. Bann Mai was fantastic, my uncle wasn’t wrong :-) and now to the final leg of driving, and I was dreading it, driving with a full stomach is so tiring... haa haa haa.




Turning left to Sukhothai

Just over an hour later we arrive at the resort, and it was awesome :-) luckily I gave them a call yesterday, and it ended up with only one room that needed to move, superb. The resort is tiny, but gorgeous, the room style was very unique, the whole place is over 10 years old, but excellently well maintained, however the electronics could do with an update though, haa haa haa. The most important thing was that my parents and aunt was loving it.


Here was the bonus point, under your own decision, Matt had decided to share the room with his grandfather… you are ten and leaving us already, haa haa haa.

Can’t remember exactly the time we arrived, but there was plenty of time for you two to have a quick swim, then it was off to the Unesco Sukhothai Historical Park, as this was the New Year they had set up fair and music in the park, oh man it was fantastic, but we didn’t want to explore too much as we were coming back here first thing tomorrow morning.




Evening supper was quick and light, to be honest I just wanted to put my head on a pillow, haa haa haa. What a great first day :-)

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