Thursday, December 20, 2018

Too many panics… :-)

Mar's Hamster-36907608Dear Matt and Mar,

Since we got the hamsters... panicking seems to be the norm in our household... haa haa haa.

To mention just a few highlights... haa haa haa. Frost escaping (“Panic Mode: Hamster gone AWOL, haa haa haa.” (November 18th 2018)), this first escape was a real shocker and I must sadly admit, I lost my emotion for a few minutes, haa haa haa, but eventually after listening to Matt we found him again.

Last week, when we discovered that we now have 5 Hamsters babies, you can just imagine how your mother and I are feeling right now... Will Crystal and Frost eat them, haa haa haa, will they be abandon, will they be lost... haa haa haa.

Your mother went home early yesterday, and called me in a panic... when she looked into the nest all of the 5 babies had disappeared! Only to call back five minutes later that Crystal had moved them all to another spot.

And only this morning, whilst I was half awake in the living room, Mar followed the normal routine of putting the Crystal and Frost into the hamster ball and let them run around the room. In my half sleep state I could hear the ball rolling around somewhere in the distant... then I suddenly hear a ‘splat’ sound, I must have jumped ten feet in the air, Matt and Mar was playing next to me, I shouted ‘they have escaped’.

Both of you ran like headless chicken to try to find where the hamster ball was... Crystal and Frost had made it all the way to the back storage room, I was hoping for the best, but it wasn’t meant to be, haa haa haa.

Mini hamsters-36907592When I arrived at the back storage room, I could see that the hamster ball’s door had fallen off, and the ball was empty... But this time all of us were calm... The storage room was very cluttered (but well organised), but it was small-ish, so we could only assume that they were both still in this room.

You both knew where to look, and in less than a minute Matt found Crystal, luckily for us her left foot was stuck on the glue paper trap. Internally I panicked... haa haa haa, the glue paper was super strong... but luckily it was only the tip of her foot, and soon Crystal was back in her apartment, lol.

Now where was Frost? By the time I ran back to the storage room, Frost had decided to run out to Mar... OMG I really did not need this kind of adrenaline rush this early in the morning... haa haa haa.

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