Friday, December 14, 2018

Superhero Smoothie… :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

As Matt moves up the years, understandably the school puts more and more focus on the academics (obviously) than the activities :-) so not much photo opps. anymore, haa haa haa. As the first term comes to a close for Mar, this also means the closing of this term’s theme, ‘Superhero’, all being capped by this week Superhero smoothie party.

For the day, each child was told to come as Superhero, and we had it all a few Wonder Woman, a few Superman, some Hulk, a bunch of the cutest Spiderman and many many other well known superhero. Well, apart from one… haa haa haa, when asked what Mar would like to go as, the answer was ‘Pet Girl’… haa haa haa

All I did was to follow Mar’s instructions, and that was to print out a few pictures of pets and Mar did the rest, cutting, decorating, and gluing them all on her clothes… brilliant! The only Pet Girl in the Universe, and her superpowers are, talking to pets, give pets toys and play with them, haa haa haa.

Parents have been invited (but not to the end of term party) to join the smoothie party, and what a laugh that was… haa haa haa. The smoothie party is more than just smoothie, it was also an opportunity for the children to show their parents what they have been up to for the past term, and man, you’ve done a lot, lol.

Smoothie was fantastic too, pineapple, watermelon and banana… even I had to break my eating plan to try it, haa haa haa haa haa.


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