Saturday, December 15, 2018

Skate BKK, Nothing but Giggles and Laughter

Dear Matt and Mar,

[15.12.2018] Yesterday ended on quite a low, with Mar shutdown (haa haa haa) and was a no show at her afternoon event, by the time the evening came (when the afternoon drama was water under the bridge), I loaded up the photos and found that the quality could have been better, and as per earlier post the main issue was my shutter speed...

So as they say, tomorrow (actually today) is a new day, a new day, a new opportunity... haa haa haa. We’ve decided to have Matt follow his normal routine with a visit to the driving range. Matt and I were back around ten, Mar’s Pair event was around fourteen hundred-ish, but we were told to be there around one.

With the meeting up time being at thirteen hundred hours, might as well leave home a little early and have lunch there, but your mother had some guests and we didn’t leave our home until close to twelve, so lunch had to be quick affair. Oh man, lunch was great, it had been quite a while since I ate at the food court :-)



With time to spare, we did a split. Matt was really looking forward to have a few games of Bowling, and we managed to squeezed in 2 games before Mar and her friends were due to start. Yesterday’s afternoon drama was still fresh in my mind haa haa haa, but things could not have been smoother... Mar and her friend M went onto the ice, full of smiles... did their piece and left the rink full of giggles and laughter, haa haa haa.

They were placed first :-) the coach was happy, the mothers were happy, Matt was happy (because we went back to Bowling (Matt broke his PB too)), I was happy (because your mother was happy, haa haa haa).

For once, tomorrow (Sunday) none of us have to be up before the sun rise... We have been so focused on Mar for the past few weeks leading up to this event, so tomorrow we are going to have a Matt day, haa haa haa, and I can see it now... board game after board game, after board game... haa haa haa.



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