Friday, December 14, 2018

Skate BKK, Highs and Lows… lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

[14.12.2018] What a polar of a day, and probably one of the most hectic too (especially for your Mother, lol). Mar’s first ever Ice Skating competition was today! I found it difficult to get out of bed at 05:00... as it has been late nights and very early mornings for the past few days, lol. But out the bed I did... at 05:15... :-)

collageYour Aunt was here very early (again) so breakfast was already on the table at 05:30, by the way, today is also your last day of term, but Mar had to take leave due to the competition, that meant your Aunt had to drop off Matt at SHB. Although I was moping around but my mind was sleeping, haa haa haa, by the time my mind caught up with my body, I was seeing flurry of activities, mostly around Mar’s head... haa haa haa. Hair, make up, this and that... including breakfast... haa haa haa.

Ten past six came round, Mar, your mother and I managed to stumble out of the door, being that early the roads were pretty clear, and we arrived at Mega Bangna way before seven... Mar’s first event was at eight-ish.

I was in another world, it was like I walked into a documentary, but I was a part of it now, devoted parents and coaches, pruning, teaching, revising, practicing, exercising, coaching so many children... haa haa haa. Cut the long story short, Mar did well, very well for this morning’s session (Delta), Mar didn’t look nervous one bit, and was placed second! We were over the moonnnnn.

By nine we left Mega Bangna to spend a little time back home before Mar’s next event at 15:20... The traffic had picked up quite a bit and it had gone ten by the time we took our shoes off again. The original plan was for Mar and your mother to leave the condo at half twelve (to be back at the rink by one thirty), I would then wait for Matt to finish the school at twelve thirty, pick him up before heading to Mega Bangna.

collage2Then your mother had a brilliant idea, as the school was going to close early today, might as well go now (ten) to the school and pick up Matt, so that all four of us could leave together at 12:30, and that was exactly what we did, well, your mother did... she drove to school and picked up Matt, and as soon as she arrived back at the condo she went straight to Mar’s hair and make up... haa haa haa.

If the morning was the ‘high’ but the afternoon was certainly the ‘low’ part of the day, we got back to the rink right on time, Mar had her time with the coach and friends, whilst Matt and I went off to play three games of bowling (Matt hit his PB whilst I didn’t even come close).

By the time we were back in the rink, Mar’s group was called up to have their one minute warm up, and that was when the trouble began... I could see it from across the rink. During practice, Mar wasn’t getting something right and the coach was raising her voice a little, of course Mar went into shutdown mode... and that consists of solid sobbing... It was Matt who confirmed that Mar was crying...

Your mother rushed to Mar but it was too late... lol. Of course I was disappointed, we made all this effort and Mar decided not to do it... I don’t like people who just gives up, especially for such a minor thing... but one must not forget that Mar is just seven (for a millisecond my emotion shot through the roof). We had a chat through out the rest of the afternoon, let’s hope this is the final time this happen.

As they say, tomorrow is another day, Mar’s final event starts at 14:00, this time its pairs... should be fun :-), hoping for no drama this time round, haa haa haa.

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