Thursday, December 20, 2018

Learning the essentials :-)

Matt's cooking brekkie-36907581Dear Matt and Mar,

[20.12.18] Now that the both of you are on your Christmas holiday, things are a little less hectic in the morning :-) Having no need to be the first one up at five was already a bliss… haa haa haa. Following that, there was no need to rush your breakfast, so this morning, instead of having everything ready, your aunt have decided let Matt do most of the preparation and the cooking…

To me, having some basic knowledge of cooking is essential, just like driving and swimming. Especially when we are now surrounded by processed (great looking but poor in nutritious value, and full of unpronounceable chemicals) foods. At least Matt now knows how to cut and peel shrimps, and the basics of a quick stir fry… haa haa haa.

I wonder what would be the menu for tomorrow :-)

Matt's cooking brekkie-36907602Matt's cooking brekkie-36907599

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