Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Hectic Few Days… :-)

Skate BKK Day 2-36907074Dear Matt and Mar,

[17.12.2018] What a hectic last few days, here is a quick synopsis... Ice Skates (+Bowling), Ice Skates (+Bowling), Matt’s day (+Bowling), Theft and 5 babies... haa haa haa.

Of course I had to take leave on Friday because nothing would stop me going to Mar’s ice skating competition, haa haa haa, and as in an earlier post, that Friday was a rollercoaster of a day. Despite the ‘low’ on the Friday afternoon, Saturday could not have been brighter :-) Mar and her friend M ended up being placed first :-) in their Pair Jump and Spin event.

Sunday, as we have spent the past few days focusing so much on Mar and her ice skating, today was going to be Matt’s day (well, almost Matt’s day, haa haa haa). Fun breakfast at D&D, of course the next stop was ‘More than just a game cafe’, and it was brilliant. We ended splitting into two teams, Matt found this excellent game ‘King of Dice’, while Mar and your mother was laugh too much playing ‘Tumbling Monkeys’.

We ended up spending over 2 hours playing board games, some in pairs and some with the four of us, the only reason we stopped was because it was time for lunch, haa haa haa. Matt’s next choice was bowling... to be honest my arm is still aching from the last few games... haa haa haa.

The closest Bowling place was at MBK, and all I can say is ‘Wow’, ‘SF Strike Bowl’ must have been one of the greatest places to bowl... 15 years ago! But now, it is in quite a sad state, literally everything needed replacing... the bowling balls were full of pits and holes, for our lane the mechanism that resets the pins were not working properly, everything just look dated and all need serious renovations. But the staff were fantastic though :-)

Matt's Day-36907423Matt's Day-36907434

Ended up playing a couple of games each, Matt and I got our new PB, but we both agreed that it should not be counted... faulty mechanisms, I got a couple of strikes despite not having knocked down all the pins, haa haa haa haa haa. I couldn’t wait to get out for the place... next stop was the game arcade next door... now that was much better :-)

Matt's Day-36907488

Supper was with my parents and aunt, your grandfather told us that some of his employees have been stealing from him, they took five or six amulets from his private office, I think what hurt the most was that these were someone who they have kind of trusted. Police were involved, your grandfather has this under control, mentally and physically... haa haa haa.

Matt's Day-36907525Matt's Day-36907537

Matt's Day-36907552Matt's Day-36907563

By the time we were home, I was looking forward for a quiet evening... haa haa haa. Mar, like often as she does, took a peek into the nest of the hamsters... Then there was a wonderful ‘Scream’... haa haa haa. “Papa we have a baby”! Your mother and I rushed over, and let out a shriek of our own... haa haa haa, there it was one tiny pink Hamster baby wriggling in the nest... but where was the rest?

372091We were running on assumptions, will the mother or father eat the baby? Do we need to separate out Frost (male)? Do we need to provide anything to keep the mum and baby happy? So logically I asked Mar to do some research on the net, and we decided not to separate the father away, since our cage was relatively large. But we were surprised that there was only one baby though...

The following day (Monday morning) our question was answered, Mar took another peek on Monday morning, and now found a bundling of babies, five of them... haa haa haa, and just to put icing on the cake, (Monday) I had this huge meeting for the whole day too.

So wow... what a fun the past few days had been :-)

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