Friday, December 28, 2018

D1 Pattaya, The Arrival Veranda

20181223_153925Dear Matt and Mar,

[27.12.2018] You are in the middle of your Crimbo’s holiday, and not wanting you two to be in BKK all the time, your mother and I decided rather last minute to have a few days in Pattaya, to be more specific we wanted to visit Ramayana (would be our second and your mother first visit).

The last time us three were here, I think your mother was having a meeting in India, also the last time Mar was literally a hair’s breadth away from being to enjoying most of the fun slides (she was even caught tip toeing, haa haa haa). I also remembered running around like a headless chicken, with you two wanting to do different things, so with all of these combination (as well as large crowd) we couldn’t try some of the highlight slides.

Your mother and I took 3 days off, over the Christmas & Boxing day period, and we all left BKK (after Mar’s Ice Skating training) on the Sunday (23rd). This time I’d tried something different, instead of going for the hotel, I had decided to rent out one of the abundance condo, the main thing being somewhere close to Ramayana.

We ended up in Veranda Residence, to be honest I had expected the room to be bigger, haa haa haa, for some strange reason you two loved the sofa bed, the TV with Netflix also went down a storm, haa haa haa (to the point that I am now looking for a smart TV for our home).


After Mar’s ice skating, we ended up having quick lunch at CTW, it must have been around 13:00 ish before we were on the road to Jomtien, and we didn’t arrive at Veranda until around 15:00. The condo sat away from the beach, with the Veranda Resort separating us, lol.

The resort part of the ground was architecturally very pleasing had a rather nice pool, there was also another pool (with slide) that was a part of the condo, so with the two pools, we knew you two were set for at least an hour, haa haa haa haa haa. Soon we had to think about supper... Of course your mother came to the rescue again.


She suggested for us to visit Terminal 21, and I knew I had to go there, before I’d left Paul I had met with the developer for this mall, and they had grand concept and cool design. After seeing the completed project, I was not surprise that the mall was full, they had brought all the best of Terminal 21 (BKK) to Pattaya.

Supper was fun, your first teppanyaki, haa haa haa, also we took the opportunity to stock up on the essentials from the supermarket, as we were not in a hotel so there was no breakfast which was great for your mother and I (intermittent fasting), but there was no way your mother was going to let you two skip breakfast, lol.

As it turned out, tomorrow was going to be a very good day in deed, haa haa haa.



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