Saturday, November 17, 2018

Paul and The Marvel Experience :-)

15419458289551Dear Matt and Mar,

[13.11.2018] This past Sunday was a bit of a laugh, it all started on Saturday evening, when one of my old colleague at Paul Bakery Restaurant called to say that their 9th location was opening in Mega Bangna (One of the top mall in BKK), and that I should come and take a look. I was part of the site acquisition team for this location before I’d left Paul and really wanted to go and see it.

The usual Sunday morning routine played out as normal, and it was around 15:00 by the time we were at Paul, and it was great, the designers (in France) did a superb job, more interestingly for me that in the end we didn’t take 2 floors, that would have been too big. It was also a great plus that the my old boss was also there!

Mega Bangna finally have finished their expansion (there will be many more), and after walking around, one could easily spend the whole day here :-) Instead of rushing home, we’d decided to visit the Marvel Experience. Only last week Mar had visited this place as part of her school outing, and she was keen for Matt to visit too.

The entrance fee was very pricey, with the 4 of us the total cost was just a tad over 4,000 THB, but with AIS campaign, it finally came to around 1,700 THB, and with hindsight the whole experience (for me) was definitely not worth 4,000 THB, haa haa haa.

It was just a series of rooms, with some 3D projections (quite well done), one ride (4D), one 3D shooting game, some interactive games using our body as the controller, and it ends with a chance to have a photo with one of the superhero character, our one was with an anorexic Spiderman (he was super nice though), haa haa haa. Well the most important thing was that you two enjoyed the whole thing :-)

After leaving, we allowed you two about an hour in the Marvel Theme playground whilst your mother and I took off for a coffee at the Marvel Cafe... haa haa haa. One thing though, the place looked fantastic, they must have sunk a whole bunch of money into this entire building!


Instead of rushing home as it was getting to be quite late, we’d decided to take supper here but it was a bit of a disappointment, I shan’t mention the restaurant’s name... it’s Japanese and it rhyme with ‘Ten’, haa haa haa.

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