Friday, November 16, 2018

OMG now she is making pasties :-)

collageDear Matt and Mar,

[13.11.2018] Talking about first world problem, haa haa haa, about a couple of months ago your mother got back into baking in a huge way, now and then she would experiment with non-flour baking, simply using Almond flour instead. Of course it was all for me, by the way your mother is a great cook/baker but to be honest all the almond bread, almond cakes and others were just not hitting the marks (for me) haa haa haa.

So for the past month or so, no more almond flour... haa haa haa, back to the good old and super delicious bread and cakes, lol. For me it has been quite easy to avoid those cakes and bread, but very recently your mother have been experimenting with making PASTIES! Like water to the Wicked Witch of the West, Pasties had me at hello...

Her first batch of pasties were spicy beef, she has been following this Nigerian Chef, so your mother had decided to call this Nigerian Pies, haa haa haa, and even at her first attempt in pasty making, it was glorious!

Your mother and I are having an argument though, I call them Pasties and but your mother insisted on calling them PIES (just found out somewhere out there in the world there are people who call them Hand Pies, haa haa haa). Just did a little more research, Pasty is a subsection of Pie... haa haa haa, so your mother is right once again (nothing new here :-) haa haa haa.

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