Saturday, November 10, 2018

Giving up :-) lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

I weight myself about two weeks ago without thinking too much, up to then it was OMAD on Mon. – Thu., Fri was a full fast day, and at the weekend it was either 16:8 or OMAD. Before jumping onto the scale at the end of a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t been on the scale for many, many months and it was a real surprise to see what the scale telling me, I was just a little over 65 Kgs, and I wasn’t expecting that. I was hoping it would be closer to 70 – 75 Kgs.

collage 3I am no where near at being an expert, and my aim was to build in a lean way, I think I am doing the right thing in the gym and I thought I was eating right (perhaps not, haa haa haa). So as of this week, full fast on Friday (40+ hours Fast) (it does have a good ring to it ‘Full Fast Friday’, haa haa haa) is now being put on hold, so I am pulling Friday back a gear, back down to OMAD.

I think I’ll have just to step up with the gym routine, been trying to find excuses not to go to the gym for the past couple of weeks (and no I did not skip them, haa haa haa). Let’s see how thing goes for the next 4 weeks :-)

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