Saturday, November 3, 2018

Accidental finds :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[30.10.2018] The previous Sunday Matt was invited to join a small BD party for Sophia, she has been one of Matt’s closest friend for many years. As you all get older, the size of the party have gotten smaller, more private, so this time it was a bunch of very close friends (5) getting together for the afternoon :-) Of course Mar joined in too :-)


We dropped off you two to Sophia’s house around one, at first we were a little worried that Mar was allowed to join as she was much younger than the rest of the crew, but as soon as we arrived we were greeted by the most cutest dog, so we knew that Mar would be fine, haa haa haa.

With four hours in hand, we drove to the nearby shopping mall, but after a cup of coffee and a short walk around we were bored enough try to find something else to do, lol. On our drive to the mall, we drove past a small park and that seemed to be a good place to visit, and as it turned out it was brilliant.


In less than 15 minutes we parked the car and was wondering around this small park, what made it kind of special is the huge bridge towering above the park, also what made us wanting to visit this park was because it was right next to the Chao Phraya river.

The view of the river was blocked by this gigantic bridge foundation, but once we walked around the glorious view presented itself. Opposite to us, on the other side of the river, sits a proper park and one of the well known water gates, more importantly on the other side was even better view of the huge bridge.




The river crossing boat (Lad Pho – Rama 3 Crossing pier) was bigger than normal, we then realised that their biggest customers were motorcyclists, lol. Your mother and I looked at each other, and was wondering if we had time just to jump across to the other side... The agreed time to pick you up was around 17:00, but we knew we could be a little late, haa haa haa.

Once we got to the other side, we were not disappointed :-) it was just a shame we didn’t have that long, we promised ourselves that we’ll bring you two next time, as well as your bike... haa haa haa, that should make an interesting afternoon :-)

A little miffed though, for once I didn’t have my camera haa haa haa, I find the aspect ratio (on the phone) a little foreign (can we still use this term?) it just look a little awkward, don't really know why :-) So I am putting a little more effort in using the phone’s camera… let’s see if I can improve :-)

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