Saturday, October 27, 2018

Uma Devi Festival

20181019_193403Dear Matt and Mar,

[19.10.2018] I knew that the Uma Devi festival was coming up, just didn’t know the exact date, so it was kind a surprise as the BTS’ doors swished opened a wall of a thousand mix of incense scents rushed into the train five or six storeys above the ground. Then as I walked out onto the platform, came the wall of different music and sound coming from all side, it was such a mix it was difficult to even know which language they were blasting... so the festival was today :-)

As this was still your half term break, you two were still off doing something fun when I arrived at the apartment. I think I must have been in the apartment for less than ten minutes, when all of you arrived. Mar was fast asleep, Matt was still as bright as day, so on a whim I asked if Matt would join me for a quick walk around the festival.

The local authority had blocked off an entire road, but that was still not enough, some of the stand overflow onto the side of the road along Sathorn. As always the atmosphere was fantastic, Matt and I allowed ourselves only an hour (as it was getting rather late), and it was superb.

Uma Devi-36903600Uma Devi-36903598

Uma Devi-36903605

Uma Devi-36903619

Uma Devi-36903642

The colour, the people, the sound the smell all combined into something special, unfortunately we didn’t have time to wait for the main procession :-) Hopefully next time Mar could also join us too :-)

Uma Devi-36903679Uma Devi-36903688

As they say, ‘When in Rome’… as we walked we came across a group of people, Matt lined up and received a Bindi :-)

Uma Devi-36903710Uma Devi-36903717Uma Devi-36903735

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