Monday, September 24, 2018

Going (a little) beyond OMAD :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[14.09.2018] Yesterday I had a full day meeting in Rayong, and on the 2 hours drive back to BKK I was watching some YouTube videos on intermittent fasting. For me right now, during weekdays it’s OMAD and during the weekend it’s 16/8. I never thought I would say this, but I am actually enjoying this plan :-)

More buns haa haa haa-36902792Right now I am ready to push it out a little more, at first I was going to feed only during my gym day (excluding the weekends), but that would mean only eating once during the weekdays, haa haa haa, so it was too ridiculous.

I have decided on a much less dramatic plan, lol, the only difference to current plan is to change Friday from OMAD to Fast, and I am putting it to practice right now :-) As this is a Friday (around 22:00), so I have already skipped my OMAD (usually taken at 19:00) and it was actually simpler than I’d original thought, the pang went in less than 5 minutes, now all I have to do is to wait and see how I feel tomorrow morning :-)

[15.09.18] The time is 12:13, so it has been around 39 hours of fasting, and so far so good, the energy level is good, the alertness is good, physically it feels a little different to the OMAD cycle. OMAD cycle is the usual 23 hours of fasting and that felt great, but now at 39 hours, perhaps because of this being the weekend, there are less things to keep me occupy, it is difficult to describe how physically I am feeling.

The feeling is certainly not hunger, I just feel light (haa haa haa), with this experiment of 39 hours (it will be 40 hours by the time I break this fast), so this went really well, and I am looking forward to be doing this plan moving forward :-)

[22.09.08] This past ‘Thursday evening - Saturday lunch’ 40 hours fast was tough compared to last week, perhaps could be because of last week Matt’s golf lesson was cancelled, so I was doing something that had my full attention, instead of just waiting for Matt to finish his lesson, haa haa haa. Although it was tougher than last week, but it was still manageable... :-)

By the way, as you can see from the photo, your mother is back to baking again... haa haa haa, not that my eating plan need anymore obstacles... haa haa haa.

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