Saturday, September 1, 2018

Beijing Day 4, Wasn’t in our plan :-) (Part 1)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[11.08.2018] Wow what an interesting day this was, since the last couple of days have been quite heavy, so we decided to keep it light today, the plan was to spend a whole day visiting the Olympic Forest Park and then the National Stadium as well as the Beijing National Aquatics Center.

Right off the bat, things took a funny turn... haa haa haa, after breakfast we took to the underground and headed north, as soon as we got off the underground it was just full of children... and whilst we were walking we’d decided it would have been interesting if we were to follow the flow of flocks of children, lol.

When we made it to the surface again, it was obvious where the children were going... haa haa haa, they were all heading toward the China Technology and Science Museum, so why not, we could have walked from the ‘Forest Park South Gate’ station to the museum, but that would have taken us about 20 minutes, but I’d noticed a whole bunch of long carts queueing, of course not speaking a word of Chinese it was a bunch of hand movements but somehow we managed to get our wish across, we had the tickets for the cart, haa haa haa.

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China Technology and Science Museum

Once we arrived at the science museum, the queue at the ticketing office was light (relatively to what we had gone through), my heart was thumping, even a simple thing in buying a tickets was fun and challenging... haa haa haa, trying to use Google Translate (to translate print) was not getting me anywhere, haa haa haa.

Luckily the young man spoke a little English, I said very politely (lol) ‘2 adults and 2 children please’, to which he replied, ‘which one, Adults or Children’... well that was a bit puzzling... haa haa haa, and with the long queue building up behind me, so I blurted out quickly ‘Everything’, haa haa haa, he then proceed to take the money and printed out 8 tickets, haa haa haa.

More security checks before we were allowed to enter into the building (I had to once again leave my tripod behind), then it all became clear, the ticketing officer asked ‘Adults or Children’ because the museum has 2 sections, each requiring separate tickets, Adults and Children, haa haa haa.

Let me cut the long story short, the visit was super fun, but you two didn’t have much of a chance to try most of the interesting experiments, this being a Saturday, it felt like all the Beijing’s children had decided to visit the museum, the amount of people were unbelievable, haa haa haa.

Beijing Day 4-36901247Beijing Day 4-36901252

Beijing Day 4-36901254Beijing Day 4-36901257

After visiting both the Children and the Adult museum, we’d decided to go back to our original plan and headed toward the park, this time we didn’t buy the cart tickets, instead we just gave the money to the driver, and I don’t think he would give it to the ticketing office, haa haa haa,

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Beijing Day 4-36901260Olympic Forest Park

Wow, the difference was night and day, suddenly there were no one around, together with huge open grounds and greeneries, it was everything we hoped it would be, then came the added bonus. We could have spent the next three days here and still not cover the entire park, there was a sign for an Amusement park, and it looked fun, but that was not in our plan today, instead we walked on to the lake.

From quite a distant away we could see people in rented boats dotted around the huge, huge lake, so why not. This time Google Translate (translating print) worked perfectly, and soon we I had the ticket in hand for a boat.

I’d expected it to be one of those paddle boat (using one’s feet), but it was a real surprise to find that all the boats were battery powered! Well, the fun factor have just gone through the roof, haa haa haa. Of course I took the first helm... took me a little while to find the ‘reverse’ switch, haa haa haa, the officer knew I was struggling so he gave us a huge push, haa haa haa.

We had an hour, and since the lake was huge, and the boat was slow there was no harm in allowing you two to have a go... haa haa haa, the steering was super unresponsive, but after a while all three of us managed to be quite an expert, lol.

Beijing Day 4-36901263Beijing Day 4-36901266

Beijing Day 4-36901278Beijing Day 4-36901283

Beijing Day 4-36901285Beijing Day 4-36901294

By the end of an hour, it felt like the battery was dying, and I was thinking on plan B if we did run out of juice, haa haa haa, but luckily we made it to the end, you two had a great time! Your mother and I needed a break and so we headed towards the coffee shop (a very nice coffee shop, with playground for children too, haa haa haa).

Beijing Day 4-36901303Beijing Day 4-36901314Beijing Day 4-36901318a

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To be continue...

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