Friday, August 3, 2018

Cycle of Blue Screen of Death, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

[03.08.18] What a nightmare last night! I arrived home last evening to see the docking station I had ordered was waiting for me, and it was a simple enough task to rearrange all of the wires to have everything plug into the dock before a single USB3 cable connecting the dock to the notebook.

I am a bit of a tidy nerd, so everything was just to my liking, after testing that everything was working as it should, and was just about to shut down that was when I noticed that one of the program was not working.

I did what most of us would do, I’d check if the program was up to date, and it was, so the next step was to uninstall and reinstall that tiny program. After which came the cycle of the dreaded ‘Blue Screen Of Death’, oh when you get older you’ll come to hate the BSOD as any nerds would, haa haa haa.

Now I must go back to a few weeks ago, Microsoft had sent out a huge update for their Wins 10, obviously I’d installed it as soon as I could, then the fun time began, the first inkling that things wasn’t quite right was when the Photoscape X Pro would freeze as soon as I point it to the photos library folder on the external hard disk.

Not long after that, and more than often after I turn on the external hard disk, the dreaded BSOD would just cut in and of course there was nothing else to do but wait for it to reboot, haa haa haa. Microsoft must have made a boo boo with their latest update, as only a few days later another update was pushed out, and that resolved all of the issue, phew... haa haa haa.

Now back to last night, I knew pretty much straight away the main problem was that small program I had reinstalled, but how to get it out. I couldn’t even get past the loading screen before being hit with the BSOD! Haa haa haa haa, Microsoft is no fool, lol, after a couple loop of BSOD, would come a page where you can take some actions, like analysis, reinstall Wins 10 and so on.

For this small issue, I knew I had to get to Windows in safe mode, in the past that would have been a very simple task, but (this was new to me), the hard disk was encrypted with Bitlocker, haa haa haa, and so somehow I have to find the ludicrously long code to be able me to get into safe mode.

And again Microsoft is no fool, lol, I was instructed to go into my Microsoft account via my mobile and in a jiffy I was looking at 40 characters code, that then allowed me to access the notebook and launch windows 10 in safe mode.

Then it was a simple affair of uninstalling the small program, after a quick pray (haa haa haa) I restarted the OS... taaa daarrrr, all was normal once more, I gave Matt a huge hug and off I went to finish my work :-) oh boy I must have burnt off about a billion calories last evening :-)

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