Saturday, July 28, 2018

Unexpected Grand Day Out

Dear Matt and Mar,

[27.07.18] Today is the first day of an extra long weekend (4 days), a few weeks ago we all (including my parents) were set for an epic road trip, which would take us all the way up to Sukhothai... but this time it was my turn to spoil the plan.

Unfortunately I’ll have to fly to Indonesia on the Sunday, and won’t now be back until the middle of the next week, so instead, tomorrow we are all going on a one day trip to Saraburi, I am sure your grandmother have something up here sleeves, haa haa haa.

As for today, absolutely nothing was on the card, in fact the night before I had suggested the Rattanakosin Museum (which I adore), but your mother shot that down like a 12 bore shotgun to a Robin’s tiny head from 6 inches away. Instead we were going to go to ‘Bang Kachao’, or to ‘Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical’. The last time we were here (a billion years ago) the visit was just a little flat! May be because we didn’t bring our bikes so at least 70% of the park was left unexplored.



This time we were ready to have some fun! But as we approach the park a few speckle of rain began to hit the van’s windscreen... Oh... but we carried on, as the sky didn’t look that bad... luckily by the time we parked there was nothing but an overcast sky, which was perfect, the last thing we needed was neither Sunshine nor Rain.

Decided to take a test run with the new cam too... to be honest, it is a great camera, but unfortunately my brain was a running on 1 cylinder instead of the usual V12, haa haa haa. Now after looking at a couple of hundreds of photos shot today, with it hit the mark the quality was breathtaking, it left the old camera in the dust somewhere in Pluto. But when it didn’t, for example out of focus, blurred photos and so on, well when it didn’t hit the mark it was my fault.

Why I had left the camera on A, instead of S when you were all cycling was a bit mental, haa haa haa, anyway, still fumbling around with a few important buttons, give me a couple more sessions I think I should have them all nailed down.


Back to the day, we took your bicycles and hired one for your mother, it came with a basket and a rear seat, and by the mid afternoon both were indispensable. It was a fantastic riding along the trail, at first I was the only person on foot, then your mother took to her rear seat and I was the main and only engine, haa haa haa. Then Mar had enough, so she changed places with your mother, but Mar’s bike’s rear tire became flat when your mother sat on it, haa haa haa haa, so Matt was now on Mar’s bike, your mother was on Matt’s and I and Mar was on your mother’s bike… now I am confused, all that matter was we all had great fun.


Soon the watch ran past one, and it was time for lunch, instead of heading home, we frantically searched on Google Map for our choices of restaurant, and again your mother picked a great one, haa haa haa. The reason for this extra long weekend was because today is Arsaraha bucha day (one of the most important day in Buddhist Calendar), so before going home we took to the temple, which by chance sitting next to the temple was a huge market :-) it was so big we all got lost (for a bit) but none of us were complaining because there were just too many things to see, to eat and to play. By the time my watch showed 15:00 it was time to come home…

For a day we didn’t think much of, it turned out to be an utterly fantastic day :-)

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