Sunday, July 22, 2018

It’s time :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[05.06.2018] Finally it is that time... haa haa haa, my only real vice is probably my camera, and I have done well not to purchase every iteration of the new models. My current tools being the Sony A7 and Olympus TG-5, before this was the Nex 5 (original) and TG-3. Not sure if you can spot the pattern? When I can (and in control, haa haa haa) I always skip a generation of iteration, example TG-3 to TG-5... and so finally the time is for me to retire the A7 :-)

Just had a thought, the only reason I had moved into the Sony (camera) camp was because our house got burgled, still a little miffed thinking about it, they took the Nikon 90D (cry) and my favourite camera bag (cry harder), haa haa haa, and a few more stuff too (basta#d$).

Been putting something aside now and then just for this, haa haa haa, at first I was having real second thought, as it wasn’t cheap just for a hobby, but I think as you two get older and older, I am going to have less and less chance to take photos of you two :-)

It always annoy me after getting a new camera, to run around and get all the smaller accessories, from screen protectors and so on. So this time being very proactive, I have decided to shop around (online) for the smaller accessories first, haa haa haa, wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up not getting the A7iii after all.

So the accessories are coming, as soon as all of them arrive then I think it would be time to make the jump. I am also thinking of the up and coming Summer holiday, we are planning to take you two to China, I am thinking of spending a few days in Beijing and then take a domestic flight to Shaanxi province, to see the terracotta warriors, it has always been on my to visit list :-)

Haa haa haa, it does sounds like I am just building excuses to get it aren’t I, haa haa haa.

Better late than never :-)
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20180721_205744-01[22.08.18] So good buy my old pal, do enjoy your much deserved retirement, it has been a fantastic 4+ years, I do promise to pop in from time to time to see how you are, certainly there will be time I could use your help and I just know you’ll be up to the task, I know you’ll never let me down :-)

20180722_083801-01Finally got it yesterday, haa haa haa, I was on the fence for the longest time :-) but as the clock was ticking down to our trip, this weekend was really the last opportunity, and I took the jump (who was I kidding :-)).

Took less than 30 minutes to set up all the buttons, there were a few functions that was new to me, but it was easier enough understand. I have a business trip coming up in IDN, may be I’ll take there for a test run :-)

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