Saturday, July 21, 2018

And it was all over, England did well though :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[16.07.18] For the past month or so the World (or some of it) have been gripped by the FIFA World Cup event in Russia, but not so much for your mother though, unfortunately (I am still sniggering about it) Italy didn’t qualify for the final 32 teams :-)

P7080359For me this World Cup was the ‘fall of giants’, none of them made it to the semifinal, the four teams that made it were, France, Belgium, England and Croatia... who would have thought that! Germany came last at the group stage, Brazil lost to  Belgium in the quarterfinal, Spain lost to Russia after a penalty shoot out during the final 16.

This year France was eventually the Champion, after a few matches during the group stage, France was in many pundits’ mind as one of the favourite, and it was quite obvious. I was really hoping for France Vs England for the final, but that was not to be, lol.

England managed to break their penalty shootout curse though, beating Columbia after extra time, that game was fantastic, England went one up at the 57th minute, and kept it the lead until the 90+3 minutes of the game!!!

So on to the next big thing, to my close friends and I, the even bigger tournament is only 12 months away in Japan. For us it was all about the Rugby World Cup! A couple of ‘Six Nations’ ago, in my mind England was by far the favourite. But during the past twelve months or so, their performance have not been so hot, well lets hope that will soon change haa haa haa haa haa.

By the way the photo was from Matt’s two weeks camp in SG, no idea who took it for him. I am still a little miffed at him though, after being told many times, he had managed to lose the camera cable :-) If he had lost the mobile charging cable I would have laughed it off, I think we had at least a couple of billion of those, haa haa haa.

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