Saturday, June 16, 2018

Matt’s Annual Performance lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

Once a year your music school (Kita) would arrange a concert at the Goethe-Institut, it has a really nice small stage, the school had announced this year’s event more than two months ago, so we all knew it was coming, but what surprises us the most, was that Matt had put his name down for 2 performances!

DSC05088-01Just like every year, the short piano program was expected of him, but this time Matt had also put his name down to sing, and that was totally unexpected! I could not have been more proud, not because Matt was going to sing, for me it was more than a three or five minutes song, it was all about Matt having enough confidence to step up on that stage alone and perform. Your mother and I were over the moon, the song he had chosen changed a couple of times, and it ended being ‘7 Years’ by Lukas Graham, and it was brilliant :-)

Mar was by far Matt biggest fan, haa haa haa, as soon as Matt walked on stage for both performances, Mar was sitting right up front, and she was the first person in the whole auditorium to start clapping and she clapped the loudest (by quite a long way)!!!! Haa haa haa haa haa, it was a very good day for all of us :-)

DSC05093-01Moreover, the morning was full of tension of another kind too, the performance was on the 3rd of June, but for the past 4 days your mother was working in Paris and she was due to arrive back in BKK at 08:20. The performances were due to start at 09:00 sharp, Matt was queue 15th! Would she make it in time?

I was on Line in continuous communication with your mother, but we have a secret weapon... Khun Ant our driver could have outrun the Millennium Falcon any day of the week, haa haa haa. Your mother lost a bit of time with Custom, but soon she was in the car and speeding towards us.

You would not believe it, in my mind there was no way she would make it to Matt’s vocal performance... but she bloody well did, and with 10 minutes to spare, Khun Ant must have warped time or something... haa haa haa.


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