Sunday, June 24, 2018

36 months? haa haa haa

1528706679641Dear Matt and Mar,

[12.06.2018] Yesterday one of the parents (Mar’s class) sent a few photos to the Line Parents Group, and we all had a huge smile and chuckles, she had managed to dig up the children’s 1st day photo and matched it against photos that was taken yesterday, haa haa haa.

Even I had to take a deep breath, time certainly had flown by, haa haa haa. Only a couple of days ago, your mother and I were discussing that in only 13  - 14 years Matt would be entering into the job market, haa haa haa.

To be honest I do feel that opportunities is just becoming fewer and fewer as time goes by, and I do mean for all levels, from robots taking over intensive labour jobs, right all the way to the top, haa haa haa. We are going to do our best to prepare you both for that, somehow, haa haa haa lol.

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