Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ubon in Feb. :-)

IMG_20180222_145934Dear Matt and Mar,

[22.02.18] I think I have mentioned this before, since I have joined BlueScope, the amount of travelling I have to do have increased a gazillion times (not an exaggeration either) haa haa haa. And most of the time the schedule would be so tight, down time was almost non existence.

One of the latest trip was to Ubon Ratchathani (most eastern province, neighbouring Laos), usually after the meeting we would fly back to BKK, but this time we had to catch quite a unique (and late) flight from Ubon to Chiangmai (to the very North of Thailand), and for the first time in a very long time, we had around five hours of free time.

Instead of hanging out at some coffee shop, we’d decided to pay homage to one of the main temple in Ubon (Wat Nong Bua), and it was worth every second, and of course my phone ran out of juice, at least got off a few shots before that happening...

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