Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The only Goldfish in the year :-)

collageDear Matt and Mar,

[10.03.18 have I had this post in G-drive since March? lol]

Here it comes again, World Book Day (April 23rd)... at least we were more prepared this time, haa haa haa. Year 1’s theme was to be a character from the famous ‘The Cat in the Hat’ book, whilst Matt was free to choose whatever he wanted (and he chose well, when I say ‘well’ I’d meant easy to dress up, haa haa haa).

For Mar, the choice was obviously limited, there was (of course) the Cat, the children and Thing 1 & 2, those were the only choices in my head, until Mar knocked me for six with ‘I want to be the Goldfish Papa’, haa haa haa, and I have no idea why I had left out such an important character, haa haa haa.

So the Goldfish it was, without a thought I remembered jumping online to search for the costume... wow... let’s say it was very adult orientated, haa haa haa, then there were the masks, the masks I saw would give anyone nightmares.

From being full of optimism, to where on earth are we going to find a goldfish costume... of course your mother came to the rescue... we were going full DIY... haa haa haa, all was needed was, one yellow-ish t-shirt, several circles (red and yellow) paper cut out, a tub full of glitters, and orange baseball hat, 2 white paper circles and 2 smaller black paper circles (for the eyes).

When the day came, almost the entire year 1 were cats... and it was beautiful... at first I thought Mar was going to feel left out, there was a handful of gorgeous Thing 1 and Thing 2, and of course (from my observation) the one Goldfish... haa haa haa, but just the opposite Mar was happy to be the only fish in a sea of cat in the hat :-)

Soon it was class time, and I’d left for work. I was so looking forward to talk to the both of you in the evening, to see how your day had went, the answer I got totally knocked me out :-)

Somehow, Mar’s homemade costume won the best costume out of the entire Year 1 :-) At first I thought you’d meant best class costume, even after Matt had tried to tell me several time, I still believed it was ‘class’ and not the ‘whole year’, haa haa haa.

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