Thursday, May 31, 2018

Matt, you are ten :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally Matt has reached double digit, haa haa haa, already 10, lol, usually Matt’s BD would fall on a public holiday, but since the passing of our beloved late King Rama 9, his BD is no longer a holiday but luckily this year it felt on a Saturday, lucky for us all, that gave us the perfect excuse to cancel all Saturday classes, haa haa haa.

The week leading up to this, it was decided for Matt’s BD we would visit Nok Kamin Foundation, a local privately run orphanage, so that we could share many of our things that we no longer or hardly use, as well as making a donation and also buy some essentials that they would need at that time (we had called ahead to ask if there were anything in  particular they wanted).

collageWe have done this many times in the past, but the feeling was rather removed. I mean we would arrive with a bunch of stuff that we had bought and just handed them over, after which we would take a short walk around the establishment, catching glimpses of the children in class or playing.

This time was different, as this was a rather small orphanage (but very well run), the goods we had brought, especially the clothing were shared out between the children immediately, and we were a part of that sharing. Mar had several princess dresses that she had hardly worn, and to see the faces of the very young children lit up in seeing those pretty dresses was heartwarming. The bicycle also went down a storm, after this visit, we came to a conclusion that for next time we should provide more fun stuff, haa haa haa.

For birthday lunch, Matt could have chosen anywhere but it wasn’t surprising that he chose MK, much to our despair, haa haa haa. In the afternoon, we took a trip to Central Rama 9 for Mar’s ice skating, whilst Matt and I went across the road to Fortune Town to get what Matt has been asking for a while (I was asking for this too, lol), ‘Mario Odyssey’ for his Nintendo Switch.

Happiest of BD Matt, you and Mar are everything to us :-)

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