Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Seoul Day 3, Sledging and Amusement park

Dear Matt and Mar

[28.12.17] Yesterday was more edutaining more than fun, haa haa haa, so on the previous night I was running through the master plan (haa haa haa, oh, it is just a colorful excel sheet, categorising all must see and must do by type and geographical location), and decided that the next morning we would head towards the south of Seoul, our target for today was ‘Sledging’ and ‘Lotte World’.


While in Thailand we did quite a bit of research for somewhere for you to play with the snow besides the full ski resort, and so Tteukseom Hangang Park Sledding Hill was our first stop, and it was glorious, of course we were there a little late again (haa haa haa), you two had less than an hour sledging before they had to stop (for an hour), I thought you two were going to be bored, but just the opposite, you two never had so much fun, lol.


This was the main reason why your mother had chosen Seoul, living in a tropical country we have visited more waterparks than there are rice in our paddy fields, but a chance to have fun with snow was not as simple, lol.


So far the day have been fantastic, now onto the afternoon, we had 2 choices, either Lotte World (indoor/outdoor amusement park) or Everland (outdoor amusement park). Since we didn’t have a car, even if we did Google Map was locked and unusable in Korea, so the best option was Lotte World, and I absolutely did not enjoy the place, but you two loved it!

Perhaps it was the timing, or the amount of people, or that I didn’t get enough sleep, and perhaps we should have spent more time visiting the huge (mega) outside part of Lotte World haa haa haa, ok, seriously with hindsight, I think I didn’t enjoy the afternoon simply because there were just too many people, but the most important thing was that you two had a fabulous time (didn’t want to leave).

Seoul Day 3 Sledge n Lotte-02360Seoul Day 3 Sledge n Lotte-02445

One thing you can not deny, is the ‘Wow’ as one walk into Lotte World, the first view of Lotte World was breathtaking, the million mile high ceiling, the open space, the colour, the lights, the sound, the decor, it was very capturing, lol and you two never wanted to leave. We ended up spending around four to five hours there, and we hardly visited the outside area at all, lol.


We decided to take the taxi home, and of course by the time the taxi rolled into our hotel, Mar was in dreamland and Matt wasn’t far behind, haa haa haa. That night your mother and I debated a lot on what to do the next day, your mother wanted to take you to a proper ski resort, so back to the sheet I went... and the target for tomorrow would be Konjiam resort.

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