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Karnjanaburi family trip, day 2.

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03876Dear Matt and Mar,

Twas was a very full day :-)

[17.02.18] You two were up way too early, haa haa haa and so did my parents, lol. Of course the goal for today was the Mon bridge, 80 Kms away, but it was going to take close to 2 hours to get there, due to the twisty roads up and down mountain side (super fun) and the restroom stops (we really need to synchronised our bladders, lol).

Mon Bridge was fantastic, but the next activity was much more fun, lol. The whole area have been flooded after the dam was constructed (we’d visited this dam yesterday), and one of the highlight is the submerged temple, and the only way to get to see it was via a longtail boat!

During the summer months, where the water level is low, one can literally walk into the temple, but for us the water was high enough for the temple to look rather erie, lol. Our next stop on the boat was a rather old temple (somewhat very neglected) but still getting loads of visitors. My father and I absolutely loved this place, it was something about it. Then to the 3rd stop, this time all we could see was the top of the temple’s wall about a foot under water, which was just scary for me, haa haa haa.

We finally did lunch around one-ish, as with any holidays, eating too much is just a part of being on a holiday, and I certainly did my fair share, haa haa haa. To kind of make this trip complete, after lunch we made our way to Jay-dee sam ong, this is the one of the main crossing between Thailand and Myanmar.

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03694Karnjanaburi Day 2-03700Karnjanaburi Day 2-03703

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03702

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03729Karnjanaburi Day 2-03754Karnjanaburi Day 2-03773

This crossing is strategically very significant, it could have been one of the main way Buddhism osmosis from India and into Thailand, it is also a site of quite a few battles between Thailand and Myanmar, and lastly during the second world war, this is where the infamous ‘Death Railway’ crossed over from Thailand and into Myanmar.

We made it here in good time, instead of just wandering around, my mother decided to sign us on a short tour into Myanmar :-) also on this trip was a young couple who had made this trip before. Cramming us (6 (us), 2 (young couples), 1 (tour guide) and 1 (driver), altogether 10 of us into a small car took some serious magic, well, at least it was air conditioned, haa haa haa.

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03827Karnjanaburi Day 2-03795

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03848

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03853

During the couple of hours-ish trip, we’d visited 3 temples and a duty free place, it was certainly worth it, and just made this trip really complete. The main thing was that my parents were so happy with today, with all the things we did together, and that was the most important to me :-)

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03872Karnjanaburi Day 2-03889

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03897

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03918Karnjanaburi Day 2-03907

Driving back was uneventful, but I had enjoyed every minute on the twisty roads, it does bring back the joy in driving (even though I was driving a van, haa haa haa). We’d decided to take supper close to the resort, and that had meant quite a late supper.

Over supper we’d managed to hash out a plan on what to do the next day :-) Instead of driving straight back to BKK, we were going to stop over at the Karnjanaburi city center, the main focus being the ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ and the cemetery of the fallen soldiers.

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03971Karnjanaburi Day 2-03982

Karnjanaburi Day 2-03997Karnjanaburi Day 2-03994

Karnjanaburi Day 2-04007Karnjanaburi Day 2-04045

Karnjanaburi Day 2-04063Karnjanaburi Day 2-04073Karnjanaburi Day 2-04082

Karnjanaburi Day 2-04084

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