Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mar is Six :-)


I am so late with this post, about 3 months late, haa haa haa (sorry).

For Mar’s 6th BD, we had kept it simple again this year, a simple cake at break time at school is all Mar wanted, to see your smile and so happy to be handing out cakes was more than enough for us :-)

Slight issue with one of the cake though, haa haa haa haa haa, my forgetfulness is getting the better of me. One of Mar’s close friend is a vegan, and I had made a promise to myself that there is no way that this little girl will have to eat biscuits or a piece of fruit whilst the rest of her friends were chomping down chocolate cake, that was just not on.

So a day before Mar’s BD, I’d  left the office around noon to catch the BTS and travelled a few stations to Chidlom area. This very specific cake shop must be using some magical power in baking their cake, as just to be on the safe side I had chosen a wonderful looking chocolate cake but it contained no “dairy, egg, nut or gluten”!

I was over the moon, as this was the last piece (made today too), I carried it like I was carrying a newborn baby back to the office, where it was placed at the back of the fridge for safe keeping, while I was closing the fridge’s door I had made a mental note of “do not forget to take this home”!

As I was opening the door to our apartment, of course that was when I had realised the cake was still sitting very pretty back at the office’s fridge... my eyes rolled back so far I could see my own brain kicking itself with a huge boot.

By that time it was late, and my new office needed a key to get in... after some frantic phone calls the kind person was going to leave the key with the building security... Walking back to BTS, catching the BTS, catching motorcycle taxi, pick up the key, pick up the cake and all the way back to the apartment, took almost an hour and a half, but it was done and now I was going to be able to sleep at night, haa haa haa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the evening was the usual small cake just to be shared between the family, by this time I was already in Singapore, getting ready for another meeting the next day, so sorry for not being there in the evening baby :-) ... haa haa haa.

By the time I had arrived, most of the shops were closed, and really wanted to keep things quick and simple… haa haa haa, so 7/11 it was… life of the road :-)

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