Tuesday, January 30, 2018

17 months later :-)

ProgressDear Matt and Mar,

August 2016 was when it all started, 17 months later, from 80 Kgs to 66 Kgs… Daily, weekly, monthly routine had to be changed, the changes were not as difficult as one would imagine, perhaps it was a shallow gradient and a gradual climb, rather than a steep one.

Maintaining the eating plan is pretty much less stressful now, cheat meals is an important tool, could go several weeks without one, then 3 in a single week, haa haa haa, keeping it flexible is the key (no more than 3 a week though, haa haa haa).

At first I’d thought keeping up the gym time was going to be tough, especially with all the travelling (work related), but it turned out to be really simple to keep it up, actually much better than at home. Virtually all hotels have top notch gym, and they all open 24 hours / day, moreover, changing gym all the time keep things pretty fresh and interesting, trying out new/old/ancient machines has been the key.

Lets hope one can keep this up for the next coming 17 months too :-)

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