Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pre-Perth: So where are we going again?

Dear Matt and Mar,

Before you read this post, just wanted you two to know that today is 13.09.17, and the last time I had put up a blog post was the 3rd of August... haa haa haa, the post you are about to read had been sitting in my Google Drive since 04.08.17, haa haa haa.

So what have been happening for the last thirty odd days  to cause such a dry spell on my blog, haa haa haa. A couple of major things, first and foremost, I had changed my job, the previous job was brilliant, the people were fantastic but it just didn’t work out for me and when another opportunity came along, I took it. Secondly, I’d bought Lara Croft, Rise of the Tomb Raider... ‘nuff said’, haa haa haa. Wow what an absolutely gem of a game... you get to use a trebuchet to shoot a fiery boulder  across mountain tops to destroy the ‘immortal’ soldiers...

I am sorry and will start posting again, well in a few days (lol), I am 84% with Lara now, haa haa haa. Come to think of it, more delay may be necessary... already have Uncharted 4 downloaded and waiting... haa haa haa.


Last Wednesday (26th July) I woke up to an ordinary Wednesday, until your mother told us she had already booked flights and hotel in Perth (Australia), first thing that came to mind was... ‘what!!!’, haa haa haa, the departure date was set for the 6th, meaning not much time to prepare. Being Thai, to enter into Australia one needs visa, and those can be complicated and slow to get... haa haa haa, I was panicking a little.

AustralianFlagThe remaining of Wednesday was spent getting all the necessary document ready (whilst at work, lol), it was so cumbersome, bank statements, photocopy all the pages in the passport, a copy of your birth certificate, wedding certificate, housing registration are just a few. The application form was as long as the application for a country to join the European Community, and probably more complicated, haa haa haa.

I still don’t know how we did it, but by the evening of Wednesday all the forms were filled and signed, all the paperwork had been copied and stuffed in individual clear folders (one each), and we were prepared to go to the agency to apply for the visa. Your mother’s plan was to apply for the Visa on the following day (Thursday) (as Friday was a public holiday), meaning I had to shuffle my meeting to start early, by 10:00 I was running out of the office and heading to all of you who were already waiting at the agency.

Unbelievably the application went without a hitch, so all we have to do now, is to wait if the Australian Embassy would grant us a visa or not... Today being the 31st, at least we have a few more days to keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime we have to prepare for the trip, it is Winter in Perth but not really that cold, after looking in your wardrobe we realised you have nothing for cooler weather... haa haa haa, shopping time... :-)

Your mother and I are still working out where to go in Perth, we have decided to hire a car and that should open up our travel option quite a lot, we are going to use Perth as base and just drive out into the surrounding areas. I am a little apprehensive with the flight time, very, very early and very very late night on the return trip, I am sure both of you would be fine, nothing has ever stop you from sleeping anywhere, haa haa haa.

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