Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dance recital :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Just realised I had gone through most of July without posting anything, and that was due to a couple of things. It has been so busy at work and to add to that, this is my last month here at my current workplace (which is a subject for another post, lol), moreover, my old blog nemesis has been raising its ugly head... PS4, haa haa haa. I am now so besotted with Raise of the Tomb Raider, not to mention Uncharted 4 (hasn’t even start that one yet), haa haa haa.

Back to the subject at hands, Mar absolutely loves her ballet class, so when it came to her class dance recital she was over the moon, practicing virtually every night, to see her smile during the dress rehearsal (04.06.17) and the actual event (11.06.17) was an absolute joy for both your mother and I. There is not much more to it than that, although there was a change at the very last minute though.

Dance recital-06324Dance recital-06328Dance recital-06342Dance recital-06396

Originally Mar and her class had the dance routine all warped up, unfortunately all of her class pulled out from the show, so Mar had to learn a whole new routine and joined another class for the event, that did not in the slightest damper Mar’s enthusiasm, all it meant was more fun time learning a new routine, haa haa haa. Love you both so much :-)

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