Saturday, April 22, 2017

Qingming 2017.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Another important day in our family calendar, Qingming festival, to pay respect to my grandmother (your grandfather’s mother), the rest of the elders were cremated, which is quite rare because it is a Chinese tradition to be buried.

Qingming 2017-04537Qingming 2017-04542

This year, there was a slight drama, when we arrived at the tomb, instead of finding a clean tomb and clean surrounding ground, like we do every year, this time it was overgrown with plants, wet leaves were strewn everywhere... Apparently the usual team who cleans up the tomb wasn’t allowed into the cemetery this year, the cemetery has tightened up its acts and no longer would allow just anyone into the cemetery.

My parents once again spoilt you rotten, at the end, my father brought out a huge chain of firecrackers with a huge banger at the end, and it was glorious! Haa haa haa haa haa haa, what was even funnier was that another family close by also brought out their chain for firecrackers, and all of us simultaneously gasped! It was several times longer, and the banger was truly huge! Haa haa haa haa haa haa haa. We were amazed to the point that we all waited for them to light it, but then realised it was going to be some time so we all went for lunch :-)

Qingming 2017-04551Qingming 2017-04554Qingming 2017-04559

Qingming 2017-04562Qingming 2017-04560

Qingming 2017-04585

Qingming 2017-04619Qingming 2017-04639Qingming 2017-04641

Qingming 2017-04633Qingming 2017-04626

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