Monday, April 24, 2017

Giving it another go :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

On and off for the past few weeks Mar had asked about keeping a pet, started off with the usual kittens and puppies, then lately it was all about fishes, I had expected it to go away, but the fishes request intensify and last Saturday it came to head when the request escalated to a mini demand, haa haa haa.

Fishes Version 2-04715Fishes Version 2-04735Fishes Version 2-04737

Finally I’d just gave in, the last time Matt and I attempted to keep an aquarium it all ended rather horribly (none survived by the third week, I think), admittedly that time the  aquarium was free and it was tiny, in fact it was more like a toy rather than a proper aquarium, this time I had decided to start from scratch with proper equipment, lol.

Fishes Version 2-04760So last Saturday’s afternoon (08.04.17), after all the chores and classes were done, we headed towards the fish pet shop (not sure if that is the proper name for it), your mother was busy at work, so it was left to us 3 to make the project happen (without telling your mother).

The guy at the shop was super helpful, and in about 20 minutes we had all the equipment and it was time to choose the fishes, You two decided to go with 4 gold fishes and after more recommendation I’d decided on 2 more smaller species to keep the tub interesting, haa haa haa.

Setting up the aquarium was super fun and, well, 3 days on, the fishes are all still swimming around, but my skeptic self, I can see that one of the goldfish is swimming funny, so probably it won’t be long for that one (sadly). Feeding has always been an issue with me, is that too much, is that too little? Haa haa haa, so this time I had decided on frozen blood worms which came in very manageable small pallets.

I wouldn’t like to admit it, but I am having much more fun than the both of you put together :-)


IMG_20170423_112005[23.04.17] A couple of weeks later now, and unfortunately a couple of smaller fishes had passed on, buried them in the flowerpot, now their existence has been transformed from flesh into our main plant. You both had taken it rather well though.

For the longest time us three were debating on how much to feed the fishes (4 gold fishes, and 5 see through fishes and 5 colourful fishes (was 7)), according to the gentlemen who ran the shop, told us to feed the fish either once or twice a day, and the amount is one measly frozen cube of red blood worm. No way I could do that.

That goldfish, whom had been swimming funnily since the first day is (and I am glad to say) amazingly still alive. We have also got rid of the beige stone and the fake pot and flower just to make more room for them to swim around.

The quality of the water had been bothering me quite a bit, it seems to be getting mucky rather quickly, even with a huge filter in the tank, so a couple of days ago, got online and ordered a (not expensive) waterfall/filter unit... it probably won’t work, but I am sure the fishes would love it :-)

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