Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wat Mai Thongsen

New Year 2017 Wat near home-03397Dear Matt and Mar,

Catching up on a few posts I’d been wanting to write for the longest time, going back now to the beginning of the year, literally the beginning, 01.01.17, lol. Us four had just returned from a wonderful week holiday in Pattaya and Rayong, lol, the plan was to chill in BKK before going back to the grind, haa haa haa haa.

The name of the temple is Wat Mai Thongsen, and surprisingly this is the first time my parents had brought me to this temple and I’d thought I had visited all that they had visited… haa haa haa haa. Unfortunately it was under renovation, that was party why we were here, as my father wanted to make the donation.

This temple sits in the older part of BKK, and pretty much in the middle of all the governmental and arm forces HQ and offices, so it was quiet, full of trees, no tall buildings, no people, just building and us, haa haa haa. Can’t wait to be back here once all the renovation finished, :-)


New Year 2017 Wat near home-03405New Year 2017 Wat near home-03355New Year 2017 Wat near home-03412

New Year 2017 Wat near home-03394

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