Monday, January 30, 2017

Not a bad way to commute :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Now and then I would have to go straight from your school (after dropping you off) to an off site meeting, and since I am trying to drive as little as I possibly can, my chosen mode of transport had always been first and foremost public transport, from buses to trains, then of course followed by the usual taxis, Uber, motorcycle taxis, even tuk-tuk and whenever possible, walking, lol.

IMG_20170119_074523But the best of all is when I have to catch a boat from your school, either to the next pier (to catch the BTS) or to some further pier down or up the river. If the weather was on our side, there is no better way to commute, lol. Bangkok is (or was) known as the Venice of the East, sadly that is no longer true, ohhhh man if it was, life in BKK would have been immensely more palatable, lol.

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