Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day Six, Pattaya & Rayong: going home.

D6 PnR Trip-03320Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally our final day has arrived, and it was marvellous, we couldn’t have woken up to a more beautiful morning, instead of hitting the gym I’d decided to take a rest, because of the long drive back to BKK. Of course as always after breakfast Kids Club was on the agenda, but instead of a swim afterwards, it was time to pack and move out to the Rayong aquarium.

Due to today being a Saturday and New Year’s eve, the aquarium was free admission, in plain translation, it was super crowded! Haa haa haa haa haa. But we managed to have a great time, due to this place being quite small, we did all we needed to do in about an hour, then it was time to move out once more.

For lunch we’d decided to drive into one of the mall in the main town of Rayong. Dotted along the way were several noodles shops, and so it wasn’t surprising that we didn’t make it to the mall, our lunch was taken at one of the noodles shop houses, was it delicious? Not really, haa haa haa haa haa, but we needed something quick and not poisonous, and this quick lunch served all purposes, haa haa haa.

D6 PnR Trip-03343Next stop was BKK, the drive was uneventful (which was a very, very good thing), I got really tired on the rather long and very boring elevated expressway from Cholburi to the edge of BKK, luckily there was a huge cup of steaming coffee to keep me company, as all of you, including your mother were in dream land... lol.

For your next trip (I can’t believe we are discussing your next trip already, lol) should be in Singapore, definitely going to be a fun time, so many things to do now, love you.

D6 PnR Trip-03352D6 PnR Trip-03349

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