Friday, January 6, 2017

Day One, Pattaya & Rayong: Knocked out.

Dear Matt and Mar,

You two have been so much looking forward to today, and it all started off swimmingly, lol. Your mother had quite a tiring day the day before, so the morning of the 26th started quite calmly, haa haa haa, rather than the usual hectic rush to get out and onto the road. Both of you had already packed, and for us with all the travelling we had done in 2016, packing for the four of us is now a cinch.

At the beginning we were just going to go to Rayong (28th - 31st), but that would meant trying to entertain you on Monday and Tuesday in BKK whilst your mother had already taken leave on those days. What else was for me to do, so I took those days off too, but then why should we be remaining in stagnant BKK? After some frantic search, we’d managed to find a hotel available for a couple of nights in Pattaya, before driving further east to Rayong.

I thought we were going to chill and hangout in Pattaya, the hotel we’d found is one of your favourite, so at least you two would have fun in the pool and the tiny water park :-) but once again Pattaya came up with something new for us to do, lol.

Unfortunately as soon as we had arrived in Pattaya my body just conked out (thus for the first time in a very long time there will be no photos on a post, lol), haa haa haa, probably just old age, lol. So your mother stepped up and took you two to swimming, after an hour or so I felt two pairs of tiny freezing hands on my face, those hands were cold enough to wake up the dead, lol, so I arise from comatose and was once again standing proud like a sunflower staring up at the sun.

Supper was taken very nearby, a couple of pizzas were on the table after about ten minutes of waiting, I never knew you two liked pizza (come to think of it, who doesn’t, lol), and for me was my old pal, salads... haa haa haa. Mar kept wandering off to speak to the pizzaiolo, literally telling him the story of our lives, haa haa haa (well not quite), and he was super nice to have kept you entertained.

After supper we took another short walk to the nearby small hotel/arcade, only to be confronted by the ‘Teddy Bear Museum’, I never knew there was such a thing :-) obviously it was closed by now, but you two wanted to visit it (and I have no idea why, have I grown so old to have forgotten what matters to children? Haa haa haa), well, tomorrow we’ll see what is inside that Teddy Bear Museum, lol.

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