Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just a few more inches :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

A bit of a relaxing Sunday, I was totally in one of my lethargic mode, Mar was asking to join her usual cooking class (again) so Matt and I was going to occupy ourselves by going to watch a film, but the timing was all wrong, so instead we went for a walk about. The plan was to find a coffee shop and zonk out for an hour or two, well that was the plan, lol.

IMG_20161211_143949Of course along the way we were distracted... although probably I’ll never have a chance to put together another PC (well, for the foreseeable future), it doesn’t stop me from being drawn into PC components shops, lol.

Matt was having a great time in one of these shop today, but he’ll need to grow a few more inches before making a somewhat of a spectacle of himself, haa haa haa.

We’ve even tried me working the paddles and Matt did the steering, the result was even more ridicules, haa haa haa.

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