Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mar is Five :-)

Mar is Five-02238Dear Matt and Mar,

Here comes the cliche (lol)... ‘OMG, can’t believe that you are Five already, where has all the time gone’ spoken in the most dramatic voice possible.

For several days running up to this day, Mar kept asking for ‘Elsa Cake with Rainbow inside?’, haa haa haa. Of course your mother managed to deliver beyond Mar’s expectation :-) I am so sorry baby for I could not be at your school this year, so your mother and aunt did all of the work.

1478688216314Your mother and I were ever so pleased that we had managed (through help) find a cake that was free of dairy, gluten and egg for one of Mar’s close friend, I remembered last year feeling ever so guilty to be handing out pieces of cake while this beautiful little girl was stuck with a piece of (still delicious) fruit, well we got it right this year.

Mar was of course over the moon with her cake, we had kept it small this time, at the end of the day even a whole class, you don’t eat that much, haa haa haa. I can not post any pictures of you with your friends (not having permission from their parents), lol.

In the evening, I’d managed to get another cake just for a small family celebration, more like a tradition for us, lol. Really can not believe how fast time has flown by :-) Love you both so much.

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