Saturday, September 10, 2016

Finally Finished :-)

IMG_20160909_212311IMG_20160909_212337Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally, finally I have finished Thud! Due to the ridicules amount of time I take to read any book now a day, I have taken into the habit of writing the first date to which I have started (and complete) reading a particular book. As you can see, the amount of time it had take me to read this book is utterly shameful, haa haa haa.

To be fair, I had actually read the first 25% of this book at least 4 times (admittedly it did spend most of its time in the back of a very tall cupboard), I had made a purposive effort to finish the book since I have been coercing (more like a little push) Matt to finish his first Harry Potter book. Originally I was thinking along the line of a reading buddy, but Matt ended up finishing the book at least a couple of week ahead of me.

By the way, you must read Thud... In this Universe of Terry Pratchett, to which I have only read a few, but from what I have read I would strongly suggest you two read the books with Mr. Moist Von Lipwig in it, and so far there are 3 books with him as the protagonist. I had only read the first 2, Going Postal and Making Money, the third, Raising Steam, apparently the final book published before the great author passing, he is probably right now sitting on his favourite stool at Biers enjoying the most delicious ale, chatting to various zombies, vampires or werewolves, before leaving for a dinner appointment with Lord Vetinari.

I am hoping to keep the momentum going, right now I have stamped the starting date of 09.09.16 in 'The Art Thief', lol, and so far not a single page had been read, lol.

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