Monday, September 12, 2016

Afternoon in Cholburi (Wat Khruawan) :-)

001Dear Matt and Mar,

A bit of a funny Sunday, lol, last weekend my father mentioned he wanted to visit one of the temple in Cholburi, this one is famous for the amulet 'Phra Pid Ta', Wat Khruawan, so of course at around 09:00 we all set off to Cholburi. I was quite surprise that the temple was actually only an hour drive away, on a bad day in the middle of BKK, an hour on the road could literally mean 17 metres.

For once in a blue moon I'd managed to follow Google map without getting lost, that in itself was weird, lol, the temple sits pretty much in the middle of the town of Cholburi so it wasn’t difficult to find. I am glad we had come here, purely for my parents, I think it meant a lot to your grandfather, and a chance to learn more from him was fantastic.

For lunch we were going to this rather popular (to the local) restaurant, ‘Ta Gwean Duck’ (follows by a chinese name), after following Google Map to the area, someone saw this small restaurant ‘Ta Gwean Duck’ (follows by a chinese name), so we all piled in, ordered, ate and left... only to realised that the actual restaurant we wanted to visit was a few steps around the corner with literally the same name, apart from the following chinese name, haa haa haa.

002After lunch, looking for things to do we headed towards another landmark, a Chinese Shrine (Thepsathit Phra Kiti Chalerm Chinese Shrine), I am not claiming to be an expert, but it does look like a totally different branch of Buddhism. Totally enjoyed all of the statues, art, and colours, totally brilliant.

The sun was alarming angry in the afternoon, making everything just that little more difficult for everyone, so after a quick rest it was time to go home. Matt has been a little poorly and had slept all the way during the drive up as well as on the drive back to BKK, so it was a good choice to keep the trip short, but a grand day out nonetheless :-)

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