Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just the three of us :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

So it happened once again, lol, a few weeks back your mother was on her company outing (where she had left the house without her fancy dress (Cleopatra), meaning at 06:20, I had to put on my coolest shorts and T-shirt, rushed downstairs to the nearest Motorcycle Taxi stand, and over paid them to rush the dress to your mother before her bus left her company, lol).

Zpell-09921Then it was just us three once again, Saturday was easy enough, nothing but routine stops... haa haa haa, but come Sunday I took the easiest route and called my mother, haa haa haa. It was great to spend a full day with my parents, you two were spoilt rotten, lol.

We managed to visit a far off shopping mall to the north of Bangkok, it was really work for me, scouting out the place for a potential location. The huge screen wall was actually quite fun, lol.

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