Sunday, July 31, 2016

Box Builder :-)

DIY-09852Dear Matt and Mar,

Matt was a superb assistant (at the beginning… lol, whilst Mar slept, well it had been a very long day), we had a fantastic day hunting for ‘space’… haa haa haa, instead of putting your various bags on the floor or on top of things which was getting on your mother’s nerve :-), we needed ‘something’ to house your bags, although both your mother and I didn’t quite know what we were looking for… yet :-).

So what to do if one needs a piece of furniture without knowing exactly what… of course we all went to Ikea… By now our family has the ‘Ikea’s routine’ down like clockwork. Get there early-ish, drop you two off at the play area thingy, that allows your mother and I to have an hour of uninterrupted, totally focused searching time…

A slap on the back for everyone, once again Ikea had the solution to our needs, lol, and it took us less than an hour too, haa haa haa. After walking through the galleries of well designed display areas, for me it was like Odyssey sailing though a school of Sirens, haa haa haa, it was that difficult not to get distracted, lol.

DIY-09853Once the hour bell rang, it was time to pick up you two, and finish the Odyssey tour on the knick-knacks floor, this is by far our favourite section… It’s like walking into a small supermarket only for a bottle of milk and coming out with a kilo of caviar, a whole bunch of wild salmon, a pile of Japanese Wagyu Rib eyes and a couple of crates of 1996 Boerl & Kroff Brut (Drappier) Magnum.

By the time we arrived at the till, both of our huge carts were as good as full, haa haa haa. Putting together the furniture was fantastic… haa haa haa, lego for adults… :-)

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